Some of my old projects

July 01, 2016 by Zemian Deng Comment

Here are some of interesting side projects I have worked on in the past

Django Developer at SHIFT Ministry

Orlando, FL Feb 2013 to Present

Eventful web application

  • Technologies used: Python 2.7, Django 1.6, Bootstrap, JQuery, SublimeText, MySQL, Mercurial(hg).

Simple CRM web application

  • Technologies used: Python 3.5, Django 1.9, PyCharm, PostgreSQL, Mercurial(hg).

Quartz Scheduler

I am a committer for Quartz Scheduler project, and I often help users on their forums. I have fixed many bug issues and implemented new features during the quartz 2.1 release. You may find my commits with svn username id light5 in their repository, or zemian after they moved to


I have written a UI front-end web application to managing quartz schedulers. I am the owner of this project, and I have done build, release, and written full documentation on how to use the application. There are several thousands of downloads since the first release.

TimeMachine Scheduler

Iíve created a Java scheduler project that is fully scalable for enterprise use. Itís a scheduler application that has easy job configuration and flexible scheduling with plugable data storage.

SweetScala Web Framework

Sweet is a MVC based web application framework for building dynamic web applications. The framework is made with Scala, an Object Oriented and Functional programming language that runs on JVM.