Examples of Postgres Functions and Triggers

August 09, 2018 by Zemian Deng Comment

Tags: postgres function trigger

-- Simple Function
create or replace function rand_range(a int, b int) returns int
as $$
  -- return a random range of int between a and b, both inclusive!;
  select cast(floor(random()*((b + 1)-a)+a) as int);
$$ language sql;
select rand_range(1, 10);
select rand_range(90, 95) from generate_series(1, 10);

-- Function to print message on DB server
create or replace function print_msg(msg text, lev text default 'notice') returns void
  as $$
      when lev = 'debug' then
        raise debug '%', msg;
      when lev = 'info' then
        raise info '%', msg;
        raise notice '%', msg;
    end case;
$$ language plpgsql;
select print_msg('hello world');

-- Log Function
drop table log;
create table log(
  id serial,
  msg text not null,
  ts timestamptz default current_timestamp not null,
  category varchar(50) default 'INFO' not null,
  user_id varchar(50) default 'system' not null,
  source_info text null
create or replace function add_log(
  msg text,
  category varchar(50) default 'INFO'
) returns void
as $$
  insert into log(msg, category, source_info, user_id)
    values(msg, category, 'client=' || inet_client_addr(), current_user);
$$ language plpgsql;

select add_log('hello2');
select public.add_log('hello3');
select * from log;

-- Triggers to log data entry or update
drop table test;
create table test(id serial, f1 real);
create or replace function log_test_update() returns trigger
as $$
  perform add_log('Insert or Update on test table');
  return NEW;
$$ language plpgsql;
create trigger test_logging_trigger
  after insert or update on test
  for each row
  execute procedure log_test_update();
insert into test(f1) values(0.10), (0.20), (0.30);
update test set f1 = 3.5 where id = 1;
select * from test;
select * from log;