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Reading https url from a self-signed cert December 27, 2012 Zemian Deng
A strange case of Java generic and inheritage parameter passing December 21, 2012 Zemian Deng
A simple Groovy issue tracker using file system December 19, 2012 Zemian Deng
Getting started with Quartz Scheduler on MySQL database December 15, 2012 Zemian Deng
Cygwin tips: open anything with cygstart December 14, 2012 Zemian Deng
A command to remove all Windows mapped drives December 13, 2012 Zemian Deng
Intellij IDEA is pretty awesome! December 12, 2012 Zemian Deng
A very light Groovy based web application project template November 29, 2012 Zemian Deng
Use cygpath with -p option for your Java CLASSPATH conversion November 16, 2012 Zemian Deng
What does UTF-8 with BOM mean? November 03, 2012 Zemian Deng
A simple way to setup Java application with external configuration file October 28, 2012 Zemian Deng
Simple Variable Substitution in Java String October 25, 2012 Zemian Deng
A very lean war file for MySchedule October 23, 2012 Zemian Deng
Exploring different scheduling types with Quartz 2 October 23, 2012 Zemian Deng
Running maven commands with multi modules project October 15, 2012 Zemian Deng
What's up with the JUnit and Hamcrest dependencies? October 07, 2012 Zemian Deng
High Level Design Diagrams for TimeMachine Scheduler September 30, 2012 Zemian Deng
Enhancing Spring Test Framework with beforeClass and afterClass setup September 29, 2012 Zemian Deng
TimeMachine Scheduler 1.2.2 Release September 26, 2012 Zemian Deng
Where did Git go? September 19, 2012 Zemian Deng